Monthly Bonsai Meetings in Brevard

Our club meets at the Melbourne Public Library on the third Saturday of each month at 1pm.

Learn About Bonsai in Brevard

The Bonsai Society of Brevard promotes the study, appreciation and practice of the art of bonsai. We hold monthly meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Our Brevard-based club is always looking for new members. Several of our members are internationally known and this is a great opportunity to learn from them.

Monthly Bonsai Meetings

The monthly meetings start with old and new business where we discuss the knowledge gained at old events and review timing of new events. After the “business meeting”, the club holds a show-and-tell of trees, pots, display stands and other bonsai related items. During show-and-tell, the presenter reviews the item as the club asks questions.  This format allows the club to learn about specific species, bonsai history, pot styles, and display approaches.

After show-and-tell, the club serves heavy refreshments like sandwiches, salsa, chips, fruit, coleslaw, drinks and/or dessert. We have a relaxing time during this meet and greet period.  After this foodie event, the club raffles off plants, pots and bonsai materials donated by club members. The raffle tickets are only a dollar which usually help bonsai beginners obtain bonsai supplies on the cheap. Sometimes, there are some really nice plants and even seasoned artists jump at the chance of winning one of these items. This is an exciting time for club members to share their materials and raise funds for future club events.

Exciting Bonsai Demonstrations

Several times a year, an advanced bonsai artist performs a bonsai demonstration of this living art-form. Bonsai uniquely combines horticulture, species, pruning, wire, pottery, soil, fertilization, water and sunlight to create a living piece of art. It is exciting to see the expert work on a tree as they discuss the process of styling bonsai. This highly educational event showcases an experienced bonsai artist who might be from our club or could be a sponsored artist from the statewide Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF) organization.

At other meetings, the club holds workshops so we can participate in a hands-on development project.  These projects are headed by an experienced artist who guides individual club members in the design, pruning, potting and wiring of a tree. The projects allow club members to build their own piece of art and take it home for their own enjoyment.

Join our Brevard-based Bonsai Club

Joining a club is an exciting way to get involved and learn about bonsai. It’s the number one suggested way to gather bonsai information and become skilled at this unique art-form.  We welcome you to be part of our club.