Styling Competition Basics

By Rob Kempinski

Tips and Tricks

Rob shares his ideas on how to compete in a styling competition:

  1. Commit to the design.  
  2. Don’t need to use every branch
  3. Follow the basic rules, 
    • Left branch, then right or back branch – at least for the first 3 branches
    • Place first branch on left and right and have them come toward the front
    • Make the height of the tree match the trunk thickness
    • Place thicker branches down low
    • Select branches so they are closer together as you get to the apex
    • Make the spacing between branches gets closer as you approach the apex
    • Direct the apex so it points on same direction as the number one branch (usually)
    • Create a scalene triangle with the overall silhouette with the long leg going   with the number 1 branch 
  4. Show your skills so the judges can see what you can do 
    • Thin the foliage to the ends so you can make little upright pads
    • Make some dead branches (jins) that fit the design 
    • Place a dead strip along the trunk (shari)
    • Use good wiring technique on every branch
    • Use raffia to bend a heavy branch
    • Use a small torch to remove fuzzies on the dead wood (use a piece of wood or something to protect the live foliage form the heat)
    • Consider the planting angle – tweak it a bit
    • Try to avoid guy wires
  5. Practice, practice, practice wiring – this will be one of the big discriminators along with the design.

Bonsai Society of Brevard

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