Kempinski’s Korner – February 2022

This could have been worse….

It seems my grousing about cold weather last month hit the mark. While I was away in Denmark, Brevard county had some really cold temperatures. My spouse, Terry, and Jennifer, my daughter, managed to cover or bring some trees inside but even some covered trees sustained cold damage. I had damage to the leaves that were touching the plastic (see photo).

February is still winter and we can see more cold weather so I’d advise to continue to watch the ambient temperature and protect your plants.

This is the time to finish repotting temperate trees. Temperate trees are those that can take some cold weather such as elms, juniper, hackberry, pines, bald cypress, silverberry, yaupon holly, crape myrtle, and others. Knowing what temperatures your trees can take and when to repot is just as important as knowing how to water them. Speaking of water, cut back on watering. When trees are dormant and the temperature is low, trees don’t don’t need much water.

When the trees start making leaves, start to give them fertilizer. Right now my hackberry have leafed out, and my elms are getting there as well. My Japanese Black Pine buds are starting to swell. I use Miracle Grow granular but I supplement with liquid fertilizer to give the trees an extra treat.

As trees wake up its time to really get serious about your plans for the year. I like to look at the show schedule and figure out what trees I’d like to show. Next month I have a Slash Pine going to EPCOT. In May there are the BSF conventions and the ABS and even the winter silhouette shows to consider.

Next week is the Joy of Bonsai and Jan is representing BSOB at the completion on Sunday. Try to get up to Deland to help cheer her on as she fights for a chance to represent BSOB at the BSF convention. I plan to show a Bald Cypress I call Spice Worm at that event.

Frost Damage Example on a Buttonwood
Frost damage on a buttonwood

Rob Kempinski

Rob is an internationally recognized bonsai artist and author.  He enjoys teaching bonsai at all levels and introducing newcomers to the pleasing art of growing miniature trees in a container.  Rob has written many articles for bonsai magazines and journals.  He has published several books, many on the art of bonsai.

Rob's Texas Sage
Rob Kempinski showing his texas sage

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