Bonsai in Brevard – January 2024

January 20th – Dave Cutchin BYOT

Welcome to 2024! It’s going to be an exciting year as we continue to see bonsai grow throughout the Brevard area.

Bonsai is a fascinating art form that attracts more and more people every day. If you are one of them, you will love our club’s activities for this year. We have some amazing club meetings lined up, so mark your calendars for the third Saturday of each month. You won’t want to miss them! And if you want to dive deeper into the art of bonsai, join our study group on the first Saturday of each month. You will learn a lot from other bonsai enthusiasts and share your own insights.

Bring your own tree session

This month will be special…. Dave Cutchin will host a Bring Your Own Tree (BYOT) event for club members. Dave Cutchin is a highly skilled and experienced bonsai professional who specializes in native species of the Southeastern United States. He is also a student of Ryan Neil, the founder of Bonsai Mirai. He teaches bonsai cultivation and design through his nursery and online platforms (Home – D & L Bonsai Nursery (

To join the BYOT session with Dave Cutchin, you will need to be a standing member of BSOB. You can pay for club membership in advance (here), or pay the Treasurer at the club meeting. You will also need to prepare your bonsai tree and bring it to the session. Make sure your tree is healthy, clean, and free of pests and diseases. You may also want to have some basic tools and supplies with you, such as scissors, wire, soil, etc.

Note: This month, we will meet at the Melbourne Public Library, 540 E. Fee Blvd (at 1pm.)

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The Bonsai Society of Brevard is one of the many clubs within the Bonsai Society of Florida.