Bonsai in Brevard – June 2022

June 18 – Bonsai Club: Dr. Reggie Purdue Cedar Elm

Dr. Reggie Purdue will lead this month’s club demonstration. Reggie is an avid bonsai artist and enthusiast with more than 25 years of native Florida bonsai experience. He will work on a cedar elm root clump owned by Rob Kempinski.

Zach Smith gives an excellent overview of the Cedar Elm on his website ( Per Zach, “The Cedar Elm is among my chosen five of the best bonsai trees for beginners. Cedar elm, Ulmus Crassifolia, is a member of the Elm family, Ulmaceae. Its natural range is East Texas into Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas. It’s a primary species, growing to heights of 80’.” His website gives a good overview of the species and other bonsai information.

Note: This month, we will meet at the Melbourne Public Library, 540 E. Fee Blvd (at 1pm.)

Bonsa Cedar Elm in Florida winter (Dec 2018) - Zach Smith
Cedar Elm showing leave color in winter (Zach Smith).

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