World Bonsai Day

Saturday, May 13th: D&L Nursery Customer Appreciation Day

This is D&L’s 8th annual celebration that aligns with World Bonsai Day sponsored by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation. This event honors the legacy of bonsai master Saburo Kato who helped co-found the WBFF along with John Naka (the father of American Bonsai).

There are demonstrations held all day long by Betty Cruz Siskind, Ed Trout, Randy Clark, Dan Beeman, and Jeanne Cosenza.
Other areas of interest:
• Lunch is provided.
• Vendors will have their work for sale
• Raffles are held with proceeds going to “Next for Autism”.
• Volunteers get free t-shirts (contact D&L if interested)
• Trees will be displayed

Link: World Bonsai Day

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